Race Car Fuse/ Relay Panel Block 8 Way WITH SWITCHES

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Race Car Fuse/ Relay Panel Block 8 Way Hot Rod . Condition is New. Will consist of 8 Relays for 8 different circuits in your project car! One side will be all the outputs (light bar, fans, ECU Etc), other end goes to switch side. All have separate fuses and indicator light if fuse is blown. Same panel I currently run in my race car! 

Comes with 6 or 8 Switch Panel! Pre-wired. (Wire positive and ground to switches, then from switch to wire wire on the panel.) Panel is aluminum.

Red, Green or Blue Switches. Please let me know which color you want when purchasing!

Each relay is rated for 40 amps, with the entire fuse block rated for 100 amps.

Panel Measures 12 x 12 inches

Comes with Fuses.

All you need to do is run power and ground to the Panel. Then wire from switch to WHITE wire block. Then wire out from the same position on the YELLOW wire block to your accessory.

Last Picture had detail on how to wire in.

 *Please when wiring in the panel, pay attention to which terminal you connect the circuit to, the same circuit from one side to the other is not the same location. Trace the wire from one side through the relay to the other side. This is done to make the panel look uniform, once all circuit are used everything will look uniform and neat!*

Questions please ask, can walk you through it!

Please allow 3-4 days build time!

*Disclaimer: Offroad Use only, not responsible for your wiring.*