Airdout. Air Management Kit W/ Controller and APP

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Airdout. Air Management Kit

 Airdout's 4 way air management system, allows you to have full control over your air suspension with our easy to use LED screen controller. Featuring metal manifold and integrated ECU, and a multitude of lifting/lowing options.


  • Wired Remote
  • 4 way independent lifting/lowing
  • Front or Rear simultaneously
  • Left or Right Simultaneously
  • 3 Memory Functions
  • Fine-tuning
  • Auto air up on start up
  • Auto air down on shut off
  • Optional Single or Dual Compressors 
  • Tank Pressure, and all 4 corner pressures.
  • Set up for 1/4" line
  • Has app control from your phone.

Will come with Installation diagram. Please specify if you are going to use a dual or single compressor. Logo Colors can be Red, white, blue or green.

One year warranty!

Same set up we run in all our shop cars/daily drivers.